Friday, November 10, 2006


Yesterday the politicians of Massachusetts made a clear statement. It is simply this, "we do not care one bit about the Constitution, the voters or our responsibility to both. In an amazingly deceptive, slimy, evil move they once again voted to recess and not deal with the issue of allowing the people to put on the ballot in 2008 a definition of marriage to be voted on. They ignored the 170,000 people who signed the petition and they ignored their Constitutional responsibility to bring to a vote on the floor. In postponing it again they have set themselves up nicely to do that one more time and then miraculously appeal to the Constitution as their reason for not being able to move it forward.

This is beyond anything that has been seen in our country. On the eve of celebrating the sacrifices made by men and women, the veterans of our armed forces, the politicians of Massachusetts have spit in their face and turned their back on their service. They should be ashamed but they are beyond the ability to be shamed. God has turned each politician who voted to recess over to their own depravity, and each one of them will answer to God for the sins of the convention.

But what should the Church do? We should be an expectant joyful people looking for the revival that comes when Gods people are persecuted. We should look forward to our churches growing as they have in China and other places that are hostile to God like the state of Massachusetts is. So take heart believer, God is drawing the lines and they are becoming more and more clear. But be warned as people who profess Christ will fall away during times like these, as they will want the soft fluffy message of God is love and will recoil at the totality of Gods Word that also says God is a God of wrath and He will pour that wrath out on all who reject His Son and mock His Word and mock the beauty of His covenant of marriage. Be careful that you do not fall into that trap of seeking out preachers and teachers who will tickle your ears and ignore the truth of the Word of God.

So, as Massachusetts heads into the pits of social depravity, it is time for believers to gird their loins with the truth of Gods Word. It is time for Gods people to understand that the Constitution can be ignored, the flag can be burned but the Word of God stands forever and all of us will stand before the God of that Word to give an accounting of our lives!

blog you later,
pastor tom