Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well the Republicans got exactly what they deserved yesterday. For six years they have controlled every branch of government and have done very little with it. With the exception of two good Supreme Court Justices this party has been inept. They have strayed from their core conservative principles, particularly in the Senate and have paid the price. Having said that, one has to wonder what difference it really makes which party is in control. Sure it matters in what comes out of committees and certainly it matters greatly for judicial nominations but at the national level it is the status quo regardless of the party. Where it does matter, in my opinion, is at the very local level of positions such as school committee. That might be the most meaningful position a person can hold. That position is one that has an important say over such things as curriculum, what will and won't be allowed.

They say all politics is local and the truth is that the best place to make a difference is in your local town. Get on the school committee and hold the line against the wave of homosexual propaganda that is being pushed on the children of our country. Be one of the heroes who stands against the indoctrination that is going on in the public schools of our country. While the national elections have come and gone in the usual cyclical manner, do not get too cynical. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ consider if He might be calling you to run for the most important position in your town and in our country. That is correct, school committee!

blog you later,
pastor tom