Monday, December 04, 2006


It is amazing to me that President Vladimir Putin is seen by our President as an ally. You might remember in 2001 that President Bush said he had looked into the eyes of Mr. Putin and got a sense of his soul during their meeting. I would have to agree with Sen. Graham of S.C. and Sen. Biden of Del., who both were on the Sunday shows yesterday voicing their concerns over Putin. How is it that a man who is KGB to the core, has aligned himself with Iran in selling them weapons, and is lending them experts in technology, is seen as a friend to our country? Is it really as simple as coming to Crawford Texas and hanging out with our President? Is that all you need to do to become a favored ally, in spite of the clear record of your country under your administration? Add to this the suspicious deaths of those who have publicly opposed Putin and you think at a minimum there should some level of skepticism about him from our President.

At times you have to wonder and hope that the President has more information that he is relying on than we are aware of. While I am sure that is most often true, it also proves out that the general public often has as good or a better take on things than those in power. Time will tell if this was a mistake by our President. If he has miscalculated it will be a big one that could mean the lives of many Americans, some who might be reading this blog today. I believe that President Putin has one goal and that is to make Russia a superpower once again. If that means aligning with the Devil himself I do not believe Putin would blink an eye. Now I must admit I have not looked into his eyes and received a sense of his soul. I only have years of behavior as well as current examples that lead me to the obvious conclusion that Putin is an enemy of the United States. The sooner we understand that, or get someone in office who understands that the better off we all will be!

blog you later,
pastor tom