Thursday, December 28, 2006


There is no more powerful position in our world than President. He makes decisions that affect every corner of the earth, unlike any other leader. He flies in Air Force One, has his meals prepared for him. He is guarded at all times and his every wish is taken care of. You would be hard pressed to find an equal in the contemporary world. The President, though elected, is more like a king of old, who would rule the entire world from his throne. The one thing that is true about these king like men is that they too die! We are in the midst of the mourning and remembering of President Gerald Fords passing. It is a good time to reflect on the reality that is death.

Death is no respecter of persons, it is an appointment that all must keep. Unless you are a part of the time of the Lords return, you will taste death. It is sure and certain. It comes quickly as anyone who is in the process of dying will tell you. I am sure President Ford at 93 felt as if life just flew by. That is exactly how the Word of God describes life, and evening shadow, a morning mist, a vapor, here and gone quickly. But Gods Word also tells us that as short as life is, that is how great death is for those who know the Lord Jesus Christ. It is something to be looked forward to, seen as precious in the sight of the Lord, gain! How can death be gain? It is gain only for followers of Christ and it is gain because it brings us to our eternity with the Lord where we will live with Him forever. For those who would leave this earth rejecting Christ it is not gain, but a forever sentence to Hell!

So as you read this, understand that you too will die soon. It does not matter how powerful you are, or how poor you are. You are going to die, like Kings, Presidents and the homeless all have and will. The certainty is not in question, the only question is will it be gain for you?

blog you later,
pastor tom