Thursday, December 14, 2006


This one takes the cake, from the wires;

"James Pacenza was spending too much time in Internet chat rooms, in some of them discussing sex. He goes so far as to call his interest in inappropriate Web sites a form of addiction that stems from the posttraumatic stress disorder he's suffered since returning from Vietnam. Whatever it's called, Pacenza's chat-room habit cost him his job.

After 19 years at IBM's East Fishkill plant, Pacenza was fired in May, 2003, after a fellow employee noticed discussion of a sex act on a chat room open on Pacenza's computer. IBM (IBM) maintains that logging onto the Web site was a violation of its business conduct guidelines and a misuse of company property and that it was well within its rights to terminate Pacenza's employment. "

Now you say what is wrong with that? It seems quite normal and quite within the rights of IBM. Ah, but you are one of the rare breed of normal thinking human beings. Mr. Pacenza is suing IBM for 5 million dollars for wrongful termination based on his contention that he is addicted to the internet. That is correct, his lawyer is going to attempt to prove that internet addiction is a legitimate addiction along the lines of alcoholism. Can you imagine the possibilities?

The bigger problem evidenced here is the ever increasing lack of responsibility that people feel for their actions. No one is just simply responsible. We have become a culture that shifts the blame to everyone and everything else. It is our upbringing, it is our parents, it is our lack of schooling, it is the fact we were abused, it is whatever we can come up with to deflect the responsibility to someone or something else. Which enables us to never have to look in the mirror and deal with the reality that we are at fault and therefore we must do something to correct the situation. This is why we are a dependent needy culture addicted to addictions. We spend more time diagnosing and defending our addictions than we do dealing with them.

The reality is that this is nothing new, in fact this problem is as old as the beginning of man. As it was Adam who blamed Eve, who then blamed Satan for the sins they had committed. No one has wanted to take responsibility since the garden of Eden. But with Christ we can become a people and a culture that admits wrongs, sees them as sin, repents in front of God and then takes the necessary steps to correct those wrongs. To live that way is to stand out brightly as salt and light in a dark world. Because it is very very different from the "let me go through my family tree and find who is to blame" society we live in. It is very different from the "Mcdonalds is at fault for me being overweight" society we live in. It is very different indeed!

blog you later,
pastor tom