Monday, December 18, 2006


Time Magazine has come out with their Person of the Year for 2006 and it is "You". By that they mean everyone and anyone that according to the AP "who were using or creating content on the World Wide Web". Whether that is correct or not, the selection is a great snapshot of the times we live in. It is a selection that celebrates everything indiscriminately. Without reservation, qualification, or explanation, all are honored. Those who have created pornographic images are honored as much as those who have given their lives trying to stop the genocide of Darfur. Those who have used the internet to create less than reputable businesses that sell less than reputable products are honored as much as the brave men and women who have given their lives on the battlefield this past year.

You see this is the America we live in. Understand this is the World. There is no longer distinction in peoples lives. The absolutes are gone along with basic right and wrong. And this is great news! Before you conclude that I have finally lost it, the great news is that this means for true believers in Christ, your life will be that bright contrast it is supposed to be. As you make distinctions, as you live out the absolutes of Gods Word, you will be that light in the dark world. Because the truth is the greatest news of all is the most absolute, intolerant, exclusive, distinctive ever heard. That God forgives sinners through Jesus Christ. His death was the payment for sin and Christ is the only way to the Father, and no one gets to God but through Jesus.

All are not celebrated by God. Those that are His through Christ are celebrated and will be forever in the New Heaven and the New Earth. But those who would leave this earth rejecting Christ are damned to a forever Hell to live under the torment of the Wrath of an Angry God. The most loving thing a true believer can do is share that truth and live it. Unlike Time Magazine, God makes distinctions!
blog you later.
pastor tom