Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The homosexual activists in Italy have done the following, from the wires;

"ROME (Reuters) - Two leftists in Italy's ruling coalition on Wednesday outraged fellow lawmakers by placing four dolls representing homosexual couples near the baby Jesus in the official nativity scene in parliament.
The two parliamentarians from the small "Rose in the Fist" party said their gesture was to promote the legalization of gay marriage and granting legal recognition to unmarried couples
Each of the two doll couples, which parliamentary ushers removed after a few minutes, wore miniature placards with slogans in favor of gay rights."

There is no depth too low for them to travel in order to further their agenda. Anyone and anything are fair game to the homosexual activists, in their rabid war on society. To desecrate something like the nativity scene is not a problem for them, as they do not show the respect and tolerance for others that they demand for themselves. There is something special about the nativity scene. There is the display of Christ coming to this earth, Emmanuel, God with us. To take this symbol and prostitute it for the advancement of gay rights, exposes these people as the haters of God that they are. The power of God and His grace and mercy are such that even these haters of God could be forgiven of their sins and adopted as children of God through the blood of Jesus Christ, were they to repent and believe on the Lord. Amazing Grace indeed!!

blog you later,
pastor tom