Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It is interesting to note that yesterday around the world people and leaders were calling for peace. From the Pope to the Queen of England to even some from the Middle East there was a call for peace. What is it that could motivate people from all races, nations, tribes and tongues to think of and even call for peace? The Lord Jesus Christ. There is not another religious celebration that created such an environment as the birth of Christ. The problem is that the peace that is spoken of is often misunderstood. There is never going to be peace in the Middle East, particularly as it pertains to Israel, not until Christ comes back. In fact there will be a lasting peace in the world until return of Christ.

The peace that is available presently is a greater peace and that is a peace between God and man. That is the most important peace that is needed by every person walking the face of the earth today and it is available today. Through Christ you can have peace with God. The Bible tells us that we are all natural enemies of God without Jesus, but when we have received the Lord Jesus Christ as the owner of our lives, our Lord and the forgiver of our sins, our Savior, we transition from Gods enemies to His children. It is then we have and know the peace that passes all understanding, peace with God. Any other peace is temporal until Jesus comes back, which He will and then He will with power and fury bring a peace that will last throughout eternity!

blog you later,
pastor tom