Thursday, December 07, 2006


The people over at have gone beyond the human decency standard with their latest hot seller.The most popular t-shirt offered on the online shopping site is a shirt with the inscription "My grandparents went to Auschwitz and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" printed on the front. Also printed on the shirt is the gruesome inscription "Arbeit Macht Frei", which was the inscription that met deportees at the gates of the German concentration camps. To their credit they pulled the products off the net after the public outcry, but this is more than bad judgment. This is an attack on the Holocaust, a denial of the real pain that it still brings to the survivors. There are still some survivors in the world and they are the last line of defense against not only the mockery of their pain and suffering but a total denial of it ever happening.

While this company is selling these pornographic t-shirts referencing the Holocaust, the President of Iran who many have been duped by with his latest propaganda letter, is getting ready to host a conference with "scholars" from around the world to consider the question, "did the holocaust really happen". How anyone could ascribe legitimacy or sanity to this man is a subject for another blog, but what is clear is that innocent blood that was shed, the families that were torn apart, the children who had to run off in the middle of the night, those that were gassed in the horror chambers are all being mocked and denied the decency of historical respect.

As bad, is the sobering truth that denying the Holocaust will mean denying history. To deny history is to forget history, and to forget history is to not learn from history, and to not learn from history is to repeat the same mistakes of history. Could the holocaust happen again? Could their rise up a leader who would seek to exterminate all those who were not in line with his ideology? You know the answer!

blog you later,
pastor tom