Friday, December 29, 2006


It is rare when you can go to a movie theatre and find more than one movie worth seeing and able to enjoy with your family, but that is the case presently. With movies like the Ben Stiller comedy about a night at a museum along with Will Smiths great job as a down and out homeless dad and his pursuit of happiness you can make a day or a night of it. Our family will once or twice a year, if possible, go to the movie theatre and stay the day watching movies together, it is great family fun. But there is one movie out right now that is must see movie going and that is the film Rocky Balboa. This is the sixth in the series and maybe the best or at least as good as the first. Sylvester Stallone has actually come up with a way to end this series of films in a first class manner. It is a real movie and not cartoon like, as many of the recent editions had become.

There is also a strong Christian presence in the movie with one of the characters Stallone creates. I have heard that Stallone is a new follower of Christ. While I do not know that to be the case for sure, it would seem at least possible, given the movie content. Whether he is or not, this is a movie that is worth going to with the family. I remember going to the theatre to see the first Rocky and then some thirty years later I am back with a wife and three children, two of whom are adults and one that is close. It will be a nostalgic trip with an old friend for those of you who, like me have kept up with the series. For those that have never seen a Rocky movie, it will not be a problem, as this is a stand alone movie that would be good if it were the only one ever done.

So as you celebrate your New Years holiday weekend, if you get to make a movie choice, consider Rocky Balboa, you will not be sorry.

blog you later,
pastor tom