Wednesday, December 13, 2006


And here is everything that is wrong with the Evangelical church. It is in the news today that there is a fight in the Graham family about where to bury Billy Graham when he passes away. Franklin, one of his sons wants to have him buried at a library/theme park place, where people would take tours and see memorabilia, among other things. The tour of the place would end at the foot of Mr. Graham's grave. Patricia Cornwell the famous author recounts the conversation she was a part of with the Graham family over this divisive issue. Here from the wires is Cornwell as she recounts her talking with Mr. Graham about this idea;

"The whole purpose of this evangelistic experience is fundraising," Cornwell says to Billy Graham. "I know who you are and you are not that place. It's a mockery. People are going to laugh. Please don't be buried there."

At that point Ned, another son of Billy Graham chimed in and attempted to persuade his father to honor his mother and Graham's wife Ruth's wishes, which was to have them buried in the hills of North Carolina. I do not know everything there is to know about this story but if it is true that Franklin Graham is attempting to use his fathers death and burial place as a fundraising ministry opportunity that would be a shame. I do know enough of the story to know that right now it is a shame and shameful that this family with this great name has allowed themselves to be in the media this way.

What their father spent a lifetime to build, it seems the children will be able to destroy in much less time! And that truly is a shame!

blog you later,
pastor tom