Friday, December 15, 2006


Here is the good and bad in politics. Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota underwent emergency surgery on December 13 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He is a Democrat and if he were to have to step down from the Senate control would go back to the Republican party, putting an end to the Democratic party's control of Congress. The good in politics is seen in comments from people like Tom Delay former house whip for the Republicans. He refused to comment on the politics of the issue and encouraged people to pray for Sen. Johnson and his family. Delay reminded people that now is not the time to be looking at the political ramifications of this situation. The bad is seen in the many pundits who have blogged and written columns and spoken on the cable news shows about the politics of it all. Punditing on what this means to the Republicans and the Democrats and the President. It is an example of all that is wrong in our country.

Sen. Johnson is a man, a husband, a father, a son, a human being, before he is a Democrat. It is the lowest rung on the ladder to ignore the reality of this man's suffering and the suffering of his family. There should be no talk about the ramifications. There should be no mention of how Sen. Joe Biden in 1988 was seriously ill and held on to his seat. There should be no mention of what happens if there is a tie in the Senate and how the Vice President breaks all ties and thus gives the Republicans the advantage. Every person who has gone down that road, publicly or privately, be they Democrat, Republican, or Independent, they should be ashamed of themselves. What is needed is for people to pray for this man and his family. That God would give them all strength as they go through this trying time. That the Lord would draw Sen. Johnsons to Himself through all of this, and allow his family to see His glory. So Sen. Johnson, I wish you well and am praying for you and your family. When we are weak we best see and feel and know His strength. May God bless you sir!

blog you later,
pastor tom