Friday, December 08, 2006


I wasn't going to do this, I had resolved to stay out of it as far as blogging is concerned, but as it turns out, I cannot keep myself from blogging about the Iraq Study Group, the report from the Baker-Hamilton commission. That is the bi-partisan group of elder statesmen and women who came together to look at the situation in Iraq and offer up some solutions. This was a real group of heavyweights that had many people optimistically looking to them for ideas, and expecting great ones! While I will not bore you with the details from the seventy nine recommendations, I will characterize their overall solution with one word, FOOLISH! Actually I would add another word, NAIVE! Actually one more word comes to mind, ARROGANT! Actually a lot of other words come to mind that I won't bore you with.

Instead let me summarize the basic point of their findings. What the commission is asking for is the beginning of a pull out of all forces of the United States from Iraq by early 2008. The thinking of this "blue ribbon" panel is that the Iraqi Army and Police that they report is poorly trained and equipped are the ones we can turn the country over to. Now why does it matter? Well if we leave too early the government will collapse. Why does that matter? The people that will move in and take over will be the likes of Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army of 60,000 fighters. Why does that matter? It is willingly inviting Iran and others who hate us to come in and take over Iraq. Why does that matter? It will be a public defeat of the great superpower that will have placed our hated enemies in control as victors. Why does that matter? It stengthens the resolve of our enemies and the attacks are stepped up and become more frequently on our own land.

I could go on and on but it would be disaster. We have to win in Iraq, or at least give the impression when we do turn over power that it is on our terms and looks as close to victory as possible. Unfortunately it means a greater commitment to force than we have been willing to do under President Bush. The only candidate for 2008 that has been consistent on this message and in my opinion on the right side of it is Sen. John McCain, who I disagree with on a lot of other issues. He seems to understand how it is we go about transitioning this mess into something that befits a super power.

The other incredible recommendation from the Baker-Hamilton commission is to negotiate with countries like Iran. Make them a player at the table. A country whose leader hates Jews, and has publicly called for the removal of Israel from the map! We are supposed to look the other way as Iran gets nuclear weapons in defiance of the United Nations. We are supposed to look the other way as they fund Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations, and come to them asking for them to help us straighten out Iraq? Did anyone check just what is was the Baker-Hamilton commission was drinking? If we follow the dictates from this inept commission we can count the days left as a super power. Our days will be numbered as we turn our back on the only true friend we have in the region, Israel!

What is needed is a strong statement from our President followed by strong action. There needs to be a bold move that tells the world that the United Stares is still the super power of the world. We have the technology we have the weaponry, it is time that we found the will!

blog you later,
pastor tom crouse