Tuesday, December 05, 2006


To update an earlier blog Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison who was falsely reported to be sworn in with his hand on the Koran, is going to use the Koran for the publicity picture. The earlier report by news agencies was false because the new Congressmen are sworn in as a group, so no one puts their hand on anything. But there is a picture taken of each new member with their hand traditionally on the Bible. Ellison has said he will use the Koran instead of the Bible, so we are back the big question, does this matter. Do you have a problem with this man breaking years of tradition? Do you have a problem with his using a book whose teachings call for the overthrow of the infidels, ie.. all non-Muslims? Some would want to pose the same question if Mitt Romney became President and wanted to use the Book of Mormon.

As I stated in the earlier blog on this topic, the difference with the Koran and the Muslim faith in particular is there is the call for conversion by force. We have seen Americans have their heads chopped off, we have seen television reporters kidnapped and forced to convert at the point of the sword. So what statement is being made when Ellison uses the Koran for his publicity picture? Who were the ones dancing in the streets when the planes hit the Twin Towers? The answer is the Arab street. So to update, an elected American Congressman is determined to use the Koran in place of the Bible. That picture is more than symbolic, it is a picture of things to come. And you can be sure if and when the picture happens there will again be dancing in the Arab street!

blog you later,
pastor tom