Thursday, January 18, 2007


The Senate has introduced a resolution disapproving of the Presidents plan of adding more troops to the theatre in Iraq. A resolution brought in cowardice and in my mind treasonous in a time of war. The founders of our country in developing three branches of government, knew what they were doing. The Commander in Chief, is just that and has the power to lead in a time of war. The following makes interesting reading from the wires;

"Supreme Court has long ruled, in such cases as United States v. Klein (1872) and United States v. Lovett (1946), that Congress cannot attach unconstitutional conditions to otherwise proper legislation, including spending bills. As explained by Professor Walter Dellinger -- President Bill Clinton's chief constitutional lawyer at the Justice Department -- "[b]road as Congress' spending power undoubtedly is, it is clear that Congress may not deploy it to accomplish unconstitutional ends." This includes restricting the president's authority as commander in chief to direct the movement of U.S. armed forces. In that regard, Dellinger quoted Justice Robert Jackson -- who said while serving as President Franklin Roosevelt's attorney general: "The President's responsibility as Commander-in-Chief embraces the authority to command and direct the armed forces in their immediate movements and operations, designed to protect the security and effectuate the defense of the United States."

In other words the Congress has two options, number one, if they disapprove of the war and believe it to be a losing cause they can withdraw funding and thus create a situation where the troops would ultimately have to come home. Option two is to be quiet and support their President in this time of war. This is why the Senate resolution is an act of cowardice. It is weak politicians posturing and pandering without wanting to be accountable. If these pols truly believe the war is wrong and we are in a bad way, then pull the funding, and be accountable to the American people for the consequence. That will not happen as it would call for accountability, to which they are allergic!

If they are not willing to do that, which is within their right, then they need to be quiet. Agree or not with our President, he is the Commander in Chief and we are in a war that is unlike any we have had to fight, and one that will not end in our lifetime. It is easy to sit back and criticize and yell "wrong, wrong, awful, we need peace etc...", it is quite another to live in the real world where every day there are terrorists around the world seeking to destroy the country you are called to lead. So, to the Congress I say, put up or shut up! If you do not have it within you to do what would hold you to account for your decision, be quiet!

blog you later,
pastor tom