Monday, January 29, 2007


It seems like each election cycle begins earlier and earlier. The 20008 presidential election has already begun at an unprecedented pace. One of the major issues of discussion appears to be a candidates faith or lack of. Barak Obama has been the target of political attack concerning the possibility of his attending a Muslim school that might have been a training ground for future terrorists. The speculation is that this comes from the Clinton machine. Whomever is behind it, the charge seems to be ridiculous. Unless you could find something more recent than a couple of early elementary school years as evidence, then you can file the charge under cheap and dirty. But the subject of faith is a very relevant discussion.

A persons faith, what he or she believes in and holds dear is of the utmost importance. I would advocate that there might not be anything more important than that in considering a candidate. If there is a true faith, then there will be an answering and submission to a greater being in that candidates life. I believe the American people should look closely at what the candidates faith teaches, and calls for day to day. For example, would the candidate be able to lead as Commander in Chief, given their faith? Would the candidate lean towards favoring certain ideologies of other countries , given their faith? How would the candidate view Gods creation and life under their belief system? What is their view of the marketplace and the poor and on and on we can go, but to be sure one of the most important thing about a candidate is what their faith teaches.

Now if a candidate would represent that their faith does not play a role in how they would govern, then that would seem to me to be a greater problem.. I would hold suspect, and have trouble respecting someone who proclaims a true faith, but promises not to follow that which he or she claims to believe in. As we head into these presidential elections, listen closely to the answers concerning their faith, as that subject will give you the best picture of who you might want, or not want to vote for!

blog you later,
pastor tom