Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yesterday brought in another year, 2007. And yesterday also brought home a dear friend of mine. Bob Croke was a great brother in the Lord. He was a simple man, a worker. If you needed something done Bob wanted to do it. When the church had an event Bob was there to serve and he particularly enjoyed the cleaning up ministry. How many people do you know who have a passion to help clean up or grill the hamburgers? What does it say about someone when their passion is to be behind the scenes doing the dirty work? This was Bob Croke. As he died the things that were his comfort were the Word of God and hymns. He loves to hear Gods Word spoken and sung. He was a great dad and a wonderful husband and he was a great brother to the body of Christ. He will be greatly missed by this pastor and so many others.

When I think of Bob I think of a man who was simply a Christian. He loved Jesus and he followed him. Praise God that as the new year came in yesterday, Bobs faith became sight! Bob, I love you brother and already miss you a lot. See you soon!

blog you later,
pastor tom