Thursday, January 04, 2007


Here he goes again! It is a new year which means that Pat Robertson is doing his usual, "let me make a fool of myself" act. Once again the "prophet" Pat has made a prediction for the coming year. This one concerns a massive death of millions that he is not sure is nuclear but could be. Pat last year predicted a tsunami would hit our country, which of course it did not, but he points to all the rain that New England received, as a partial fulfillment. If Pat were held to the biblical standard for prophets he would not have made many, as he would be dead from stoning from his first wrong prediction. Unfortunately for Pat and his followers he is wrong a lot.

Pat Robertson, might be well intentioned, which means at best he is a well intentioned fool. It is amazing the number of people who will watch his shows and send him money. He gives credence to our description as sheep. Sheep are dumb and clueless and apart from a good faithful shepherd to watch over them they are prone to wander off and follow anything or anyone. So be sure you are in a good church and under a good undershepherd to the great Shepherd. Be well nourished, so you do not wander off and follow those who would in the name of Christ seek to separate you from your wallet.

As far as Pat Robertson, fortunately these days he gets only one or two days of press for his foolishness. Even the story hungry press have realized he is not much of a story any longer , and for that we can all be grateful! A great resolution for this and every new year to come, less of Pat.

blog you later,
pastor tom