Tuesday, January 16, 2007


One would have to be asleep at the wheel or the most naive person ever created to not understand the attack on the world that is being waged by Muslims. It ranges from suicide bombers to propaganda designed to change the mindset of the world. A good example of the effect of this war is seen today from the wires;

"While Jerusalem serves as Israel's capital, and the Temple Mount is located within Israeli sovereignty, the popular satellite map program Google Earth divides the city and places the Mount Judaism's holiest site within Palestinian territory. Google Earth is reinforcing lies," Rabbi Chaim Rechman, director of the international department. "The Muslims have engaged in a systemic campaign to re-write history and erase any traces of Judaism from the Temple Mount in total disregard to all actual archeological and historic evidence," he continued." Now Google Earth has given in to this campaign."

Here is the problem, people are not astute enough in their history to differentiate fact from fiction. Therefore the Muslim propaganda machine rolls on unnoticed, re-writing history. To the point of even wanting to deny the existence of the holocaust. There goals are clear and understandable, the elimination of Israel and then America, and ultimately the world. The saying amongst them is "Saturday first and then Sunday". In other words first we take care of "little satan" Israel and then we will get the "great satan" America.

The dupes like Google and every other entity or individual that play along with their lies and believe there is a rational discussion to be had, are simply enabling their agenda. The goal they have and are furthering is conquering the world in the name of Allah! Apart from being opposed in the way they respect and understand, their conquest will continue!

blog you later,
pastor tom