Thursday, January 25, 2007


The television star Isaiah Washington last week at the Golden Globes denied using the slur, "faggot" to describe one of his co-stars. Not a good word, and certainly not a word to be used to describe any human being. But the outcry and the consequence of his denial and the use of the word even in the press conference has been incredible. From the wires;

"ET has confirmed that embattled "Grey's Anatomy" star ISAIAH WASHINGTON has begun counseling for an anti-gay slur he made during last week's Golden Globes awards and on the set of his hit ABC show."

The amazing thing about this is that it is residential treatment! Meaning he is going to check in and live somewhere in order to deal with the issues that would lead him to use such a word. Now while I certainly do not approve of the use of such a word, the remedy seems to be out of portion to the offense. Residential treatment? Isn't that normally reserved for those who need to detox from some addiction? This strikes me as either an overboard attempt by the actor to appease those whom he has offended, or it is treatment gone wild. Where does this stop? Will there be treatment centers for those have been offended as well as the offenders? Will there come a day when any mis-spoken word will require treatment in order to see it never happen again?

Now I understand that there could be more going on with Mr. Washington than meets the eye, but the fact that it is being publicized as going into residential treatment due to the use of an insulting world, if true, is political correctness gone mad. And I would then expect to see all of those in the gay and lesbian community who have used very insulting words to describe heterosexuals, to get rooms right alongside Washington!

blog you later,
pastor tom