Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We learn today that Mark McGwire did not make it into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot entry. Certainly his numbers were overwhelmingly convincing, but this year it was not the numbers that were considered, but the way they were attained. Due to the belief that he did steroids, the baseball writers did not vote him into the famed hall. I believe this is a great move and the right message to send to the young people who idolize the sport and its athletes. To do anything else would be rewarding cheating. Having said that, the cynical side of me has to wonder how many of these same writers have voted for players that they knew were cheating, but no one else knew? What about those players who regularly take speed, which many are reported to do? How about those pitchers who have been known to doctor up the ball? I am for the tough stance taken by the writers, but like everything else, the stance is only taken once the public is made aware.

Which once again highlights the power people truly have. Too many people believe they have no voice and are powerless, when the opposite is true. Why do you think the legislature decided to vote on the marriage petition at the last minute? Because too many people were involved, upset, and calling for a vote. You can be sure that there are players in the Hall of Fame who have cheated like Mr. McGwire, but only a few knew about it. He simply got caught in a way that was much too public. So while I applaud the decision, I cannot go so far as to congratulate the writers, as I am not sure they would have been so "strong" if the scandal was not made public. The good news today is that you still matter, and have more power than you think!

blog you later,
pastor tom