Wednesday, January 31, 2007


In accordance with keeping our Public Libraries a safe place for kids,(sarcasm), I give you this from the wires;

"The Sacramento Public Library Authority Board has decided against protecting library users from explicit pornography, a move lawyers at the Pacific Justice Institute had asked them to take, and which may, in fact, violate the library's own Internet guidelines. The present policy is to require filters on the computers," Brad Dacus, chief of the PJI, told WND. "However, all that is needed to have access to pornography is for an adult to request that the filters be removed."

Incredibly, in a place that children tend to frequent regularly, anyone can ask for and have the filter removed from the computers, and look at pornography. Let us try to add this up, who is it that would be in a Library looking at pornography? Answer, perverts. What type of pervert would be in a Library looking at online pornography? Pedophiles. Add to this the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reports that one in five children is sexually solicited online at some point, and you have the mother of all ignorant, evil decisions.

Where are the sane people of the world? How can adults with functioning minds come to a decision like this, putting children at risk? It would take too long and too many blogs to answer that question. But it is enough for us at this blog to let you know of events like these so you will be better able to protect your children. It has been awhile since you could simply drop your children off at the library and not have to worry about what they might see. Most reading this blog understand the homosexual indoctrination that is available in books like "My Two Mommies". But now it seems the best decision is to avoid libraries all together. Some might call that extreme, but it takes only once for your child to be exposed to some pornographic image that some pervert is looking at, for them to be affected in ways that could alter the rest of their lives!

blog you later,
pastor tom