Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Regardless of your political persuasion, you have to admire the State of the Union event. It is a time where our system of government is represented and celebrated. All three branches are present, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. It is the Presidents opportunity to address them all as well as a watching nation. The good news is that the ratings for the State of the Union were high. That is a sign that people are interested and involved. I made my 14 year old son come down and watch it all, as it is an historical meeting we get to attend once a year.

The better news in my opinion was the performance of our President. The pundits and critics were expecting a deer in the headlights, lame duck President to show up and pander to all of the special interests. What they got instead was a man with steely confidence who gave one of the best speeches of his lifetime. How could he pull that off, given his tremendously low poll numbers? It is simple, he believes in what he was speaking about. Like him or not, this President is a man of conviction who does what he truly feels is right, regardless of the impact on him politically.

As I listened and watched last night, I was proud to be an American. We still have the best system of government in the world. Ours is still a place where political opponents can gather and unite under the banner of our flag. President Bush, in his demeanor and with the content of his message last night, enabled me to once again feel good about our country. His was a speech of conviction and candor that appealed to what it is that makes us American. As he stated to the Congress, they did not vote for us to fail, and as Americans we do not live to fail, nor to see others fail. Well done Mr. President!

blog you later,
pastor tom