Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It is my privilege each Monday on my radio show to have the opportunity to interview one of our fine soldiers serving in Iraq. The brave men and women I have interviewed are from the 399th serving in Tikrit Iraq. They work in the medical division giving urgent medical care to those who have been wounded in battle. The remarkable thing is that they give medical attention to all who come in, even their enemies! If an enemy combatant shows up in their area they give them the same care and attention as they would their own. As one soldier told me on the air, " I hope this will show them we are different". Well is absolutely does. There is no greater example of the difference between our great country and the enemy we fight. Do you believe that if one of our soldiers ended up in the enemies medical units that they would receive the same care, or any care at all? To be sure they would be swiftly tortured and killed. But that is not us, we give medical attention to all who show up, that is America, and that is what sets us apart.These interviews are also a great reminder to us all of the human element of this war. You can to my website www.engagingyourworld.com to see pictures of the soldiers we interview each week.

Speaking to these heroes each week reminds me all the more how treasonous it is that the Senate would seek a non-binding vote to display their disapproval of the Commander in Chiefs decision to add more troops. This after the General who would be in charge in Iraq told them directly that such a vote would encourage the enemy. How sad that politicians would not be able to see beyond themselves and would actually do something that could embolden and encourage the enemy, and put the brave men and women of our military at risk. We see what is great about our country and what is not. The greatness is displayed in our soldiers serving and following their mission even if it means giving medical care to the enemies, while the worst is seen in the treasonous act of arrogant men and women who make up the Senate voting like cowards on a non-binding resolution of disapproval, knowing it will aid the enemy!

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

blog you later,
pastor tom