Wednesday, February 14, 2007


David Parker is having his day in court and there are some unbelievable and revealing statements coming from all of this. Parker, as some of you might remember, is the one who was arrested because he had the audacity to ask to be informed before his young elementary age son would be taught about things such as homosexuality or trans-genderism. I interviewed Parker on my radio show last year and his position was simple and reasonable. All he desired was the ability to make the decision as to whether he wanted his young son to be exposed to such teaching. He was not asking the school not to teach it, nor was he seeking to change any curriculum's. He was acting as a dad who wanted to be informed before such controversial, adult type material would be exposed to his child. He was arrested due to his not being willing to leave the school office until they would agree to notify him of such teachings in the future. His story gained national attention and he is in court this week. There are some unbelievable quotes coming from this court case.

First from the lawyers for the school district;

Lawyers representing a Massachusetts school district named as a defendant in a parent's civil rights complaint have said teachers at Estabrook Elementary School have a "legitimate state interest" in teaching the homosexual lifestyle, and parents have no input into those decisions."

"Once I have elected to send my child to public school, my fundamental right does not allow me to direct what my child is exposed to in the public school," said the school's lawyer.

From the ACLU who of course is weighing in;

"An ACLU lawyer, however, told the judge that "it is a tremendous bonus" for children to be given information of which their parents wouldn't approve, and that teaching children homosexuality when their parents' Biblical beliefs do not support that has nothing to do with a violation of religious freedom..."

And from all of them together;

"A brief filed earlier by the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in support of the school's homosexual promotions said parental rights "have never meant that a parent can demand prior notice and the right to opt a child out of mere exposure to ideas in the public schools that a parent disapproves of."

The homosexual advocates, the Mass Teachers Association , the ACLU and others do not want you to have the ability to know what is going on in your child's classroom. They do not believe you as a parent deserve that courtesy, because they do not respect you as a parent. Understand this is about indoctrination! It is about indoctrinating children as young as possible, into the homosexual lifestyle. The homosexual agenda is to grab your children's attention as early as they can, and propagate the lies that make up this perverted agenda. And they have co-opted the courts, the judges, and the media.

What is needed are more David Parker's who are willing to go to jail if that is what it takes to protect their children. Thank you David, we are praying with and for you!

blog you later,
pastor tom