Monday, February 26, 2007


James Cameron of Titanic fame will today have a press conference to announce the finding of the place of Jesus burial. He will also advocate the worn out theory that Jesus was married and had children, along the same lines of the Davinci Code. While I will not spend time in this blog refuting Cameron's assertions, I think some things are worth noting. First, it is amazing how many people will still believe theories like this one, that have been so clearly and thoroughly debunked a number of times. It exposes the lack of cognitive ability in our world today. There will be, without a doubt, people today who will see the headlines, hear the soundbite and come away believing Jesus was married, had children, and had a grave site with both his wife and children. This goes back to an earlier blog about the lack of reading in our society today. Theories like this one being accepted is the inevitable consequence of a dumbed down society that no longer reads.

The other noteworthy aspect of this is the longetivity of Jesus as subject matter. He just keeps coming back as a topic in many forms and in a variety of genres. People cannot get enough of Jesus. Have you ever considered why? Why is it that people are fascinated with Him, and have a burning passion to disprove the Gospel accounts of His life? The answer is twofold, first people cannot get enough of Him because He is a real and powerful figure in History. Second, they want to disprove the Gospels because if the Gospels are true then He is God in flesh and everyone is accountable for that truth. If the Bible is true then everyone reading this blog and the rest of the world that does not read this blog, will all stand in front of God and be held accountable for their receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior or not. And for those who have died rejecting Christ it will a forever Hell. But for those who are His it will an entry into the eternal pleasures of His presence forevermore.

It is a clear absolute truth that renders every person accountable. That is the aversion the world has to Jesus. That is the goal, do away with the Jesus of the Bible and thus do away with our accountability to Him. It is impossible to accomplish, but that does not stop the James Camerons of the world, although for him there is also a financial motiviation. People have been trying to discredit Jesus Christ and the Word of God for over 2000 years. They come and they go, but He remains!

blog you later,
pastor tom