Thursday, February 01, 2007


On yesterdays radio show I had Brian Camenker the founder of Mass Resistance, an organization dedicated to fighting for morality and normalcy in Massachusetts, a tall task indeed. The subject of our discussion was an expose Brian has put together on Mitt Romney. Brian has compiled a thorough work on Romneys record. Interviews he gave, statements made during debates, Judges he appointed as Governor, and more. What is clear about Mitt Romney is that there is overwhelming evidence he is anything but a conservative. In fact if you were to describe him honestly you would call him a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-gun owner candidate.

What is amazing is that he is listed among the more conservative candidates. In any list that is given of conservative Republicans, Romney is right there, and said to be to the right of people like McCain and Gulianni. The truth is that he is not a conservative and even worse he is not honest about it. Say what you want about McCain and Gulianni, at least they are honest about their less than socially conservative beliefs. I would encourage any of you that are leaning toward Mitt Romney as your candidate, to check out and read for yourself the voluminous evidence that he is anything but conservative. He can say whatever it is that his political consultants are telling him, but his record speaks loudly for itself.

Brian Camenker is not done with this subject, as he told me, he is about to release volume two on this subject. It is worth reading if you care about primary sourcing the people you are considering supporting!

blog you later,
pastor tom