Monday, February 19, 2007


There is a study out by a sociologist and academic by the name of Dr. Arthur Shostak. In this study he looks at the effect of abortion on men. A topic you hear very little about. Men are the forgotten victims of abortion. They are often characatured as ogres who force women into having abortions. While there are certainly many men who have convinced, driven and paid for their girlfriend or wife's abortion, there are also a great many who have had no say in the process. This from the wires concerning the study;

"Shostak surveyed 1,000 men sitting in the waiting rooms of abortion facilities across the U.S. and found that 80 percent of those men indicated that that had been the longest and darkest day of their life.

Dr. Miriam Grossman, a psychiatrist at UCLA's student health service, says Shostak then followed those men for months, and even some for years.

"The numbers went up [over that time]," she observes. "The number of men who reported that day feeling some guilt and some ambivalence about what they were doing; the number of men who were asked 'Do you think that in the future you might have some troubling thoughts about this?' -- the percentages went up." Adds Grossman: "So a few years afterwards, they were reporting that it was worse than they had anticipated."

The victims of abortion are many. Men for too long have been the forgotten group of victims. Regardless of what Planned Parenthood would say, there is trauma enough for all when there is an abortion. We should not be surprised that the taking of innocent life in the womb would wreak havoc on all involved. You cannot simply kill babies and believe that the bill for that heinous act will not come due. The more we understand the effect of this for all parties the better equipped we will be to work towards the day when abortion is unthinkable!

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pastor tom