Thursday, February 08, 2007


Anthony Mirto and Ernest Simpson are two men who serve with the Gideons, an organization dedicated to getting as many Bibles to as many people as possible. Mirto and Simpson were handing out Bibles on the PUBLIC walk outside of Key Largo School. Officials called the police and amazingly they were arrested. They never entered the school nor were they attempting to, they just simply were giving Bibles out to whomever wanted one. The First Amendment is clear in protecting the right to engage in religious speech on public property. It is not debatable, it is not a grey area, it is the law of the land. I am sure the Alliance Defense Fund will do a fine job making that point in court.

The bigger question is how is it that people like these school officials keep making the same mistake? How is it that they believe they can call the police and prevent something so clearly within the rights of people? The answer is that we now live in a day and age where those in positions of power and authority do not have any idea about what the Bill of Rights is, or what the First Amendment allows. They do not know history so they operate on the assumption that what they have seen in the news media must be correct, so they call police and have people arrested and ultimately cost the people of their district thousands of dollars for court cases they will inevitably lose. Most school officials have no idea that they have no jurisdiction over the public walkways right outside of their school doors.

It is necessary to understand the worldview of those in authority in our culture. For the most part there is an incredible ignorance of the law and rights of the people. Understanding that is critical if you are going to be active in the culture war we are engaged in, as it can mean you go to jail for something that you are entirely legally within your rights to do. This is what happens when the inmates have control of the asylum!

blog you later,
pastor tom