Friday, February 02, 2007


There are two brothers in Pakistan who have escaped from Muslim captivity. They were apprehended for their refusal to convert to Islam. They refused because they are followers of Jesus Christ. From the wires;

"When Shahzad and Saraj refused to convert, the brick kiln owner took them away, according to a Voice of the Martyrs source within Pakistan. "He put them in a small, empty room with a mud floor without a bed, chair or mattress."
The source continued: "He kept them there for a month. He gave them food once a day and beat them with a stick when they refused to convert back to Islam. He also threw acid on their arms, but they remained true to their Christ."

God miraculously delivered them from prison, as after they prayed they found the doors to their cell open. Now they are on the run trying to survive as they flee the area. To be sure, they are being pursued by their captors. It is another fine example of the religion of peace that is Islam. This story, sadly, is not extraordinary, it is the norm. As those who embrace the Quran and follow the teaching of Mohammed are simply being good followers when they convert by force and rape kill and maim. Understand that all of that is done in the name of
Mohammed, who was the supreme example of one who raped, maimed and killed.

So today we have another great example from the religion of peace. I could have given a number of examples, like the woman in Pakistan who along with her mother was arrested for being a follower of Jesus. Her mother was taken out of the prison, raped and chopped up into pieces, her daughter was miraculously released, but not until a 70 year old Islamic pervert raped her repeatedly. I could go on and on but remember today those who follow our Savior who are being called to endure and give so much more than most of the rest of us. Pray for them that they would see Him through it all. And take note of these things, have the courage to speak the truth and not be intimidated by the Islamic bullies in our culture. Remember we have the Truth, and greater is He that in us than he that is in the world!

blog you later,
pastor tom
of Mohammed