Tuesday, February 06, 2007


In stunning news, Texas has become the first state in the nation to require schoolgirls to be vaccinated with Merck & Co.'s human papillomavirus vaccine in order to be allowed in school. The HPV as it is known is a vaccine to help a sickness that is obtained only through intercourse. Which means that parents who believe in abstinence and teach abstinence and promote abstinence are in a serious moral dilemma. Do we give our daughters a vaccine that assumes they will have intercourse while we are educating them not to? How in the world could the state of Texas could require this? Actually the state did not, it was by executive order of Governor Perry.

Without a doubt the results of such a vaccine will be to enable girls to have a false sense of security about participating in sexual relations. Time will bare that our, but the biggest issue in my mind is parental rights. Should it not be up to the parent if they want to introduce such a vaccine to their daughter? This is not some out of control epidemic we are talking about. This is simply something that could happen as a result of intercourse. If a girl were to be abstinent until marriage she would not have to worry about this sickness. Texas in all of its wisdom, or I should say Governor Perry by his executive order, has by passed and stripped away the rights of a mom and dad. If they want their daughter in public school then they must comply.

The answer would seem to be simply pull your children out of public school, but that is a luxury not everyone has. There are moms and dads who rely on the public school system as their lifeline for their children's education. It is a sad day in Texas, and high time for parents to coordinate themselves into a bloc of people that will be listened to. Apart from that they forfeit their parental rights to politicians and bureaucrats who care for nothing except their wallets!

blog you later,
pastor tom