Wednesday, February 07, 2007


From the wires;
"Bankrupt and about to lose Al Franken, its marquee star, Air America Radio is set to change hands for the bargain price of $4.25 million, according to new court documents. The sales figure was disclosed in a purchase agreement filed yesterday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York."

The great experiment known as Air America that sought to put forth a liberal voice in talk radio has failed. The new movement in talk radio that was going to ride the wave of their flagship host Al Franken has gone belly up. Now they have been bought as has been reported and I am sure there will be a re-organization, but the failure is noteworthy. It is noteworthy in large part due to the boastful promises that they made coming out of the gate. Air America was going to be the answer to the rabid right wing talk shows. They were going to prove that America is truly liberal and that the country was dying for shows like the ones they would produce. What they found out was that the great country of America is much more conservative than they ever believed.

The greatest truth of this whole scenario is that not only is Air America financially bankrupt, but the reason for that is that their ideas are bankrupt. What was their demise is what always was going to be their demise, their ideas. Liberal ideas are very marginalized, they are the extreme minority in the country. Reason being, they simply do not make any sense to thinking people, which is another thorn in their flesh. The Air America crowd likes to think of themselves as intellectually superior to those in opposition to them. Truth be told, their ideas are inferior in many areas. Take abortion, they still hold to that worn out position, clinging to beliefs that are stuck in the 1970's when there was not the technology there is today. The reason there is a shortage of abortion doctors is that the thinking people understand what technology has revealed in ultra-sound pictures, but the liberal left blindly carries the water for Planned Parenthood and others. It is like still advocating blood letting for headaches.

In the battle of ideas, the liberal left has lost again with Air America. But let us hope they do not disappear as having them on the scene is helpful. It is good for us to see the contrast. We would not know light without darkness, and we would not fully see good sound moral wisdom, apart from the Air Americas of the world. So to Al Franken and the gang, thanks, hope to see you soon!

blog you later,
pastor tom