Friday, February 09, 2007


Peter Labarbera is a man who has had the audacity to work to spread the good news of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the homosexual community. For that effort he has been targeted by that community, and in particular has received a threat from one of their blog sites, "Pams House Blend". Reportedly in the blog his address was made known and there were threatening postings, from the wires;

"The postings on "House Blend" targeted Peter LaBarbera, the president of the pro-family Americans for Truth, which works to publish a message of hope for those caught in the homosexual lifestyle.
The column posted LaBarbera's home address in a thread titled, "Saturday this and that," and a short time later, a poster identified as "Barry G. Wick" said, "It's across from a park in an area with cul de sacs. I'd bet it's a residence … and across from a park. Snipers take note."

To her credit the author of the blog suspended the person making the threats and his threads. But there is a comment she made that interests me. This from Pam Spaulding;

"In her message to LaBarbera, Spaulding said she has "never advocated for threatening physical harm to anyone" and "our families (whether you regard mine as such or not) have a right to be safe." On her blog she said whether the threats were real or not is irrelevant and "reprehensible."
"It's not what this community is about," she said.

It is not what this community is about? I beg to differ, in fact it is exactly what that community is about, or a good portion of them. What Mr. Labarbera has gone through is exactly what I went through last year when I held the "Mr. Heterosexual Contest". The threats against me were more than a few and ranged from burning me to death to other things that I would not post here. To be sure what the homosexual community does is seek to bully and intimidate anyone who has the nerve to suggest that they do not have to live the lifestyle they do.

The Mr. Hetero contest is a great example. The homosexual community sought to and in large part did portray the event as a gay bashing event, which of course it was not. It was a fun night with a great testimony from a young man who had been delivered from homosexuality through Jesus Christ. The great news now is that it is on DVD for any to purchase at our website and see for themselves what it was and what it was not. But the truth does not matter as the homosexual community believes if they say it long enough it is true, regardless of the facts. This is what they do, while they say they are not a community that supports threats and intimidation. Their words say that but their actions speak a much different message.

Their treatment of Peter Labarbera was the norm, he just happened to fight back and report the treatment to the authorities. All of a sudden, there was retractions and apologies. Like with Islam, do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the words of the homosexual community, watch their actions. Those speak louder than any words!

blog you later,
pastor tom