Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Rob Bell is the new popular writer being pushed by Zondervan. They have sent him out on tour pushing his latest video and writings. Bell draws large crowds as he speaks the post modern language to the post modern crowd. People who review his writings in general extol him and his work. Even those who criticize him make sure to commend him on a number of fronts. A courtesy that is shown by most if not all who get involved in things like this. We want to make sure to highlight the good before we point out the faults. The problem with this line of critique is that we are speaking of absolute truth, Gods Word. And when someone is distorting or twisting or just plain getting it wrong as Bell does in many places, we are not called to highlight the good. We are called to expose the person and the heretical teaching.

At his Lexington Ky. appearance Bell used the Q & A format for the crowd. They could ask him anything. When the topic of homosexuality came up here were his positions as reported by Bob Wetherington who was there;

"Rob made the blanket statement that you have no moral authority to speak on this issue unless you have gay friends and understand their struggle."

How is it that Bell could say that, when we have the Word of God as our moral authority? He makes that statement because he has a low view of Gods Word, regardless of what he says. We always have moral authority to speak on any subject, because we have Gods Word. That is the moral authority. Another statement given by Bell that night;

"Jesus never said anything about homosexuality"

A common tactic used by the homosexual community to discount the Word of God. Well what we do know is that in Matt. 19 Jesus speaking to His disciples gives them two options. They could either be married , one man to one woman or they could be eunuchs for the kingdom's sake. Jesus spoke of fidelity in marriage and purity in singleness. His lack of use of the term homosexuality can hardly be given as some sort of support for the homosexual lifestyle. Nor can it be used to support the notion that we do not have a right to speak on such a perversion.

What Bell has done and continues to do is degrade the Word of God, and thus God Himself. Regardless of how many great videos he puts out, regardless of how many applicable relevant books he comes up with, he is degrading Gods Word. This makes him a heretic, an enemy of God. Strong words I know but the apostle Paul made it clear in Galatians 1:8 that if anyone, even an angel, even Rob Bell should come along and preach a different gospel they are to be accursed. When you begin to tear away the fabric and integrity of Gods Word, you are on the road to a different gospel. Do not be deceived by all of the acclaim and adoration from the pop Christian culture, hold Bell to the standard of the Word that he is in the process of degrading. Because when Bell is long gone and forgotten like all of the heretics and heretical movements end up being, the Word will still stand!

blog you later,
pastor tom