Thursday, February 22, 2007


Our sin nature is such that we are drawn to the negative much quicker than the positive. Bad news travels a lot faster than good news. This is why there is so much in Gods Word that warns us against the sin of gossip. That being the case, it is important that we report when something good happens in this culture war we are fighting. Well in the last week of January, a lot of good happened. There were four cases of students not being allowed to speak of their reasons for opposing Roe v. Wade in their public schools. Students were being censored as they wore T-Shirts and spoke out on what is known as the “Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity,” a national, student-led event sponsored by Stand True. These were non-disruptive activities that were being shut down by the schools. The Alliance Defense Fund stepped in to represent the students in these four different situations and here is what happened, all in the last full week of January, from the wires;

"1. Friday, federal judge Samuel G. Wilson ordered Millbrook High School in Winchester, Va., to allow senior Andrew Raker to distribute pro-life leaflets at lunchtime and between classes

2. Also Friday, a federal court ratified an agreement between Scott Fish and South Jefferson Clarke Senior High School in Adams, N.Y. The school must no longer prohibit students from displaying pro-life messages on their clothing or distributing pro-life leaflets outside of class

3. Another federal court in New York Friday ratified an agreement involving a student at Gowana Middle School in Clifton Park, N.Y. The school has agreed to allow the student on an upcoming day to discuss abortion with his peers, hand them leaflets, and wear clothing with a pro-life message

4. Earlier last week, ADF favorably settled Sarah Hollen’s entire case against Penn Cambria High School in Cresson, Pa. School officials may no longer prohibit her distribution of leaflets to other students. The school must allow such leaflet exchanges outside of class time and cannot prohibit their distribution simply because school officials object to the pro-life content of the leaflets"

Matt Bowman, an attorney from ADF, had this to say;

“A public school’s property line does not separate a student from his or her First Amendment rights,” said ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. “The law is clearly on the side of peaceful, pro-life student speech. These schools either agreed or were ordered by the court to protect the right of pro-life students to express themselves in a non-disruptive manner"

We need to be reminded of the victories that happen in the culture war. It is good for us to see that it is not a matter of simply rolling over and giving up. That there are laws and rights created by smart men who founded our great nation with a Sovereign God in mind, and His Word as a foundation. Not to create a theocracy, but a country that gave people the right to do things specifically like what these students were doing in their schools. so, if you are keeping score, score FOUR for the good guys!

blog you later,
pastor tom