Thursday, March 29, 2007


There is an interesting article in today's Washingtom Times titled, "When can clerks refuse to serve, citing religion?", written by Jen Haberkorn. In the article she deals with the growing issue of people refusing to perform parts of their job, due to religious conviction. From Muslims who will not scan pork in grocery stores, or pick up clients in their taxis if they have alcohol, to a Christian who refuses to give out contraceptives or morning after drugs. While there are certainly some stands people make that do not appear to have much thought or common sense behind them, there is a principle here worth considering.

At what point does someone draw the line at their workplace? When is the thing that you are asked to do beyond what your faith can bare? I would advocate that it is in these areas we need to tread carefully and biblically. Otherwise we will look like kooks and lose all credibility with our witness. While I am a firm believer in the idea of personal conviction, there must be a good Scriptural hermeneutic behind the conviction or it will be shown for what it really is, the behavior of a pharisee. Having said that, there are certainly time when we all must say , here I stand and I will move no further!

The other noteworthy part of the article is a passing comment from the author about the Puritans. They are the ones that closed stores on Sundays, in order to promote a wonderful Sabbath. I will not try to pretend that I do not like a store being open for me to get a paper and a Diet Coke, but there is something for us to take from the Puritan view of the day of rest. We all would do well to heed that day far better than most of us probably do!

blog you later,
pastor tom