Friday, March 16, 2007


Here is the summary of two of the most important messages I heard this morning. First John Piper, who in my mind is the Edawards of our day. He dealt with the issue of relativism and truth. He made the outstanding point that those professors who teach teach relativism to their students are hypocrites when they go home. The example he gave was one of a prof going home and saying to his wife "lets sleep together tonight". Piper made the case that the professor not only had a definite meaning to the statement , but that he also would expect his wife to understand the meaning, and he would even get mad if she did not get the meaning of that statement! He also did a great job with the passage in Matthew 21:23-27, where he made the point that the chief priests and pharisees would not answer Jesus question concerning Johns baptism because they did not want to be ashamed by the hypocrisy that would be pointed out if they said from Heaven, nor did they want to have physical harm come to them should they answer from man. So they answered that the truth was that they did not know the truth, an incredible likeness to the post modern of our day, particularly the Emergent church. The truth is we do not know the truth. Piper pointed out that Jesus would not even speak to them, as their answer was an abomination to Him, and then he asked, who would Jesus talk to today? It was a most powerful handling of the problem of those who would want to keep "asking questions" in order to be "authentic". Piper also said that those who are advocating this movement like to cloak themselves in humilitiy and even dress that way. But as he stated they are anything but humble in fact they are full of pride seeking to be the determiners of their own lives.

John MacArthur, first was speaking about the Bible and science, a message that displayed the glorious truth that what has been and is being discovered by science has been written in the Word of God long before the discoveries. He did a magnificent job os discussing irreducible complexity and showing how things were needed to be made instantaneous! But the second message he gave was on the problem of evil. He did not pull any punches in discussing those in the evangelical world who would feel the need to apologize for God or create a new God so to avoid the question of evil. His thesis was the Word shows us that God willed evil while not being evil Himself and it was and is willed to and for His glory!

Great stuff, wish you all could be hear to hear, but you can get the messages at a variety of places, and thus far they all are worthy of your time and financial investment!

blog you later,
pastor tom