Monday, March 26, 2007


Here is a story that will illustrate how wrong some people can be;

"Enrique Rios, a Cholla High Magnet School graduate, is overseas with the 82nd Airborne Division of Fort Bragg, N.C. His wife and children are living in Tucson with his parents while he's at war. The couple has an 11-year-old daughter, Khalina Polanco, and an 8-year old son, Andres Rios, attending the charter school, and a 2-year-old boy at home."

Rios has been fighting for our country in Iraq for the last eight months and he is soon coming home for a visit with his family. His wife wrote to their children's school asking for makeup work as she was going to keep her children home for the week to visit with their father. Lee Griffin, principal and founder of Children Reaching for the Sky, informed the mom that the absences would not be excused and that her children would receive zeros for their missed work. The good news is the principal is reportedly rethinking his position. The bad news is that he would react in such a way that he would need to rethink it at all.

But could there be something else going on here? Is this the fallout from the liberal left anti-American drumbeat that comes from the campuses of our colleges? Consider for a moment my hypothesis. If for the last few decades colleges have been cess pools of liberal propaganda, would they produce anything but people who think like this principal? If kids at college are being indoctrinated with anti-American, anti-military peace at all costs rhetoric, then we can be sure that our society will eventually have people in prominent positions whose instinct is to act and decide in ways contrary to the values of our country. I could be very wrong about this one principal, but I know that in the years to come decisions like the one he is rethinking will be the norm.

How sad that a man serving, putting his life on the line in Iraq has to fight another war on the home front. How sad that a hero in the field has to fight for his children's right to see their dad for a very short week and not be penalized by their school. While it is sad, it is the wave of the future until or unless there is an educational reformation on the campuses of our colleges in America!

blog you later,
pastor tom