Friday, March 02, 2007


Here it is, the perfect "bible" for the post modern movement. One that satisfies the need of the emergent community to be all things to all people, seeing the best in every teaching. From the wires;

"According to Ruth Rimm, Bronx school teacher and book artist, her version of the Scriptures – titled "Lost Spiritual World" – "explores the emergence of a new global spirituality that mixes the best of each wisdom tradition with the latest findings in psychology, quantum physics, neuroscience, and linguistics.It is a Bible for skeptics, seekers, and people of different faiths"

She has started with the gospel of Mark, and intends to present Torah, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist sutras, and Sufi mysticism in future volumes. But in this current volume she "includes parables not found in Mark, such as the Parable of the Dolphin, the Parable of the Snow Leopard and the Parable of the Gorilla, which are illustrated in a series of irreverent videos to be made available on YouTube as part of the book's marketing campaign."

Also as a part of the marketing plan it is described by its marketer as a "postmodern" edition of the Bible – takes Darwin's theory of evolution as gospel and presents Jesus as being born, "not to a virgin, but to a gorilla."

So here you have the natural consequence of a lack of absolute truth. In a very emergent sounding quote the creator of this mess states, "Most Americans would rather discover the spiritual truths behind the religious metaphors, especially given how fundamentalism is impacting public life with a narrow view of religion."
Where you do you stop? When is enough enough? At what point does it matter what is being taught? I believe this book is a good representation of where emergent type thinking will lead you. And if the emergents of the world would say not true, I would wonder why and with what authority they would use to protest. If we cannot be sure of the Word of God and its authority then why could Jesus not have come from gorillas? Why would the emergents not want to take a look at these presentations and glean from them what they could?

The sad truth is that there are probably some who would actually subscribe to such folly. This work by Ruth Rimm is a good picture of where the lack of absolute truth leads. It is the road to heretical teaching being accepted, embraced and even lived out. And there is where we will see the carnage, in the ruined lives and even more tragically in the forever Hell that all who are deceived will be sent to. Jesus came from gorillas, or was born of a virgin, which one makes more sense to you?

blog you later,
pastor tom