Monday, March 12, 2007


Jeff Renner and his wife paid $175 for an ad in the yearbook, in which they wanted to tell their son: "May God bless your life," as he graduated from a high school in the Liberty Union school district in California. The editor of the yearbook in an attempt to not offend, changed the word "God" to "He"! In the past the school has kept such things as references to violence, gangs, drugs and alcohol. This year they attempted to include God in that group,so as not to create any discontent in anyone who would read the yearbook. Fortunately the school has changed their mind and at the cost of $8000.00 had to reprint the yearbooks with the correct wording of the Renners ad for their son. While it is good and noteworthy that the school did the right thing, it was not without the Pacific Justice Institute having to send a letter explaining the rights of people like the Renners. What makes this even more egregious is the fact that the Renners were purchasing a private ad. This begs the question, how far will political correctness go? What is the mindset, and how did people become so brainwashed to believe that a parent wishing a son Gods blessing on his life at graduation would be material in need of editing?

Praise God for those who serve in the mission field of law today. That's right, the mission field of law. I believe that is one of the greatest ministries you could work in today. Organizations such as the Pacific Justice Institute, the Alliance Defense Fund, and others do battle every day in the arena of the culture war. It is a worthy calling to work on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. Law and teaching should be considered as mission fields in my opinion. Churches might want to consider supporting those who would choose to spend their lives in those professions. What happens in the classroom and the courts determines the context of the lives our children and grandchildren. It is good to know that God has His people working and serving in all areas of life, continuing to prove the truth that what man would intend for evil, God will use for our good and His glory!

blog you later,
pastor tom