Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Today on my radio show I interviewed Dr. Stephen Nichols, who has written a very user friendly book on the Reformation. In the interview we discussed the power that was the Reformation and some of the key as well as lesser known figures of this movement of God. How it is that God brought His Church back to His Word. It was a very rewarding interview for one that loves the history of the Church, as I do. I would highly recommend the website for the book, www.monkandamallet.com.

A portion of the discussion on the air today was about the lack of knowledge of history in general and of the church in particular. A society that ignores history is destined to repeat it. A church that ignores history is destined to wander and stray. We have a rich history of God working through His people to effect His glory throughout the world. It is a history of the good the bad and the ugly. We have a church history full of warts and foibles and that is the beauty of the Church. The beauty of the Church is that God works wonderfully through it and it is full of weak and fallible sinners. This is why He works through the Church, so that when anything good and glorifying comes from it, all who see know it is to Gods glory and credit, as apart from Him nothing good could come from such a group.

Ours is history full of great writings, wonderful books, rich traditions that all point to Him. To piggy back on yesterdays blog, as you encourage and train you children to read, be sure to have a regular portion of historical writings from the Church. All of us have at our disposal the wonderful Word of God, and in His sovereign kindness He has gifted His people to create and leave behind, writings and songs that fill the soul. Do not be shortchanged, learn of the history of the Church. Read great books that challenge your mind. There is no better time for such activity as it would seem to me we are in need of and about due for another Reformation!

blog you later,
pastor tom