Thursday, March 15, 2007


I hate to keep beating the drum and having to be the bearer of bad news but here were go, as it is being reported that;

"Administrators at North Newton High School in Newton, Mass., have held a seminar for students that explained how to know they are homosexual, but banned parents from attending."

Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance, a man I have had the pleasure to work with in the past, has contacted the schools principal and asked about parents being allowed to come. The principal Jen Price said that no parents were allowed, and if they were to come it would be by invitation only. This is another remarkable display of the effort by the public school system to seperate children from their parents. It is further proof of the agenda of indoctrination that is a reality in our public schools. The belief is if you believe anything other than homosexuality is a normal lifestyle to be celebrated, then you are a homophobe and in need of help.

I did not plan to blog on this again, as I am in Orlando Florida, at the RC Sproul conference where I will have the pleasure to hear Sproul, Piper, MacArthur, Mohler and Zacharias. But this is so outrageous it warranted notifying all of you that read this blog! From hear on for the rest of the week I will endeavor to comment on this conference.
blog you later,
pastor tom