Monday, March 05, 2007


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to watch a political activist convention for the Republicans. It was a gathering where the speakers were expected to give "red meat" to their adoring constituents. Here are some thoughts on the people I saw speak;

Mitt Romney - personable, connected with the crowd, seemed very comfortable and had the obvious look of a candidate.

Mike Huckabee - nice guy, true born again believer, but had a message where he almost admitted he had no chance,which, while realistic, was not very appealing.

Rudy Gulianni - the obvious star of the event, according to the response he received, but maybe the most boring message I heard, although he was good on defense.

Ann Coulter - she is receiving a lot of attention for her using the f word, the one used to demean homosexuals, and applying it to John Edwards. While the media only plays a clip that makes it appear worse than it was, in context, she does shoot herself in the foot, in my opinion, as far as credibility. Her writings display her to be thoughtful and intelligent, while her public appearances can at times take away from her. Although she was the most entertaining of the group.

The point is, all of the candidates will have to step it up if they believe they will be in a position to win their parties nomination, let alone the Presidency. I have to admit to not being overly enthused about any of them, but it is also early in the process. Two reasons it really matters who is the next President, first the war we will still be in, and second, the nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice, who could swing the whole court. So, please pay attention, even when you are tempted not to, as the next Commander in Chief may do more harm or good then any of the predecessors, due to the times in which they will assume office!

blog you later,
pastor tom