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Monday, April 30, 2007


Your sins will find you out! That is what the Word of God clearly tells us. King David thought he had gotten away with some horrific deeds; adultery, murder, the defaming of Gods name. But one day the prophet Nathan came to him with the message that he might have fooled those around him, but he had not fooled almighty God. David paid a heavy price for that secret sin, but he also came to know the joy of living a forgiven life.

There is nothing new under the sun, as in today's news we read of a man whose sin has found him out, from the wires;

"On Friday, Randall L. Tobias resigned as deputy secretary of state one day after confirming to Brian Ross of ABC that he had patronized the Pamela Martin firm."

The firm is an escort service run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who is currently facing charges for running a prostitution operation. Reportedly her girls worked for $300.00 per hour in the Washington DC area. That hourly rate is an indicator that her clients would be people of substance and wealth, like Mr. Tobias. He is a man with great influence and unfortunately for him and his family, at the age of 65 he has brought shame to both. He has learned the hard reality of no sin staying hidden.
There is another story line here, and that is all of those who are on Miss Palfrey's client list. She has said she is going to go public with the names of all of her customers. We do not have to wonder too long before realizing that there will be prominent powerful people exposed. One can only imagine those who have partaken secretly, behind the backs of their spouses and children, the angst they must presently be feeling.

It is a good lesson to all that what is done in secret will be brought to light by the Lord. The great news is there is mercy and grace at the Cross of Christ. It might take a while for your spouse and your family to forgive you, but Christ Jesus forgives completely and instantly at Calvary. So if you read this with some secret sin in your life, run to Jesus. The way of the Cross leads home for you, and there is where you will find forgiveness, grace and mercy!

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pastor tom

Friday, April 27, 2007


At Tucson's largest Episcopal church, St. Philip's in the Hills, there are some interesting developments. You are probably assuming, and with much reason, that I am about to speak of the church being open and affirming of homosexuals, or something along those lines. But what is happening in this church is far more surprising and as damning. The church is conducting new alternative services where they are rewriting tradition. One of their brain storms has been to eliminate the word "Lord". Here is one of the pastors as quoted in the Arizona Daily Star;

" "Lord" has become a loaded word conveying hierarchical power over things, "which in what we have recorded in our sacred texts, is not who Jesus understood himself to be," St. Philip's associate rector Susan Anderson-Smith said."

According to this "rector" Jesus did not understand Himself to be Lord? Is she kidding? If this were a gag and she would simply reveal it to be, it would be in poor form, but understandable. The sad reality is that she is not kidding, and she really believes that Jesus did not understand Himself to be Lord, or to have "hierarchical power". All this does is make it clear that this woman does not read the Word of God. She has no understanding of Gods Word, a point also made obvious by her belief she could hold the ministerial position she does.

What is positive about this, is that it clearly exposes the feminist agenda. These types of moves make every ones objectives clear. The target with these radical groups is the Jesus of the Bible. He is their ultimate target. Regardless of their couching it as a "rights" issue, or "discrimination",the object is Jesus. These are haters of God who seek to redefine and recreate a god who is in their image, instead of the other way around. It is no different then creating a golden calf to worship while Moses is on the mount. It is man seeking to define God in a way that allows him to be comfortable in lifestyles that God calls sin and abhorrent.

It is nothing more than people whistling past the grave yard, and trying to get as many people to come along with them. But there is no escaping the ultimate truth. People may seek to ban the word from some churches, but He is Lord! And one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! In that day there will be no discussions. There will be great joy for those who are His and have worshipped Him as Lord. And there will, in that day, be great terror for all of those who sought to make a god in their own image!

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pastor tom

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Rebecca Gomperts, the director of Women on Waves, is a happy woman. She recently told the press: “We have just received the licence and there are some restrictive conditions but, yes, we are going to prepare a new campaign, that is for sure."
She is happy about her license being granted so she will be able to continue to operate her business. What is Women on Waves? It is an abortion ship! A vessel that travels to countries where abortion is illegal, picks up abortion minded women and takes them out into international waters to have their abortions. The way it is done is by giving women up to seven weeks pregnant, abortion pills that will cause them to have a miscarriage. This ship is allowed to sail under the Dutch flag, going from place to place offering abortions to those women whom thus far have been unable to obtain them due to their countries laws.

This group is also advocating later abortions around the world. It is a sad reality that depravity knows no limits. It is profiteering at the expense of the weakest among us. To be sure there are poor women being taken advantage of by this business. Women without the education or opportunity to understand the glory of seeing their child in an ultrasound picture. Women who are lacking the medical attention needed to assure them their child will be well taken care of at birth. The fight for life is not limited to our shores. Nor is it limited to our day and age. There have always been those who would seek to kill babies, and it has always been the followers of Jesus who has stood for them. From the fires of Molech to the days of the Roman Empire when babies were placed on the garbage heaps, to our day when the "Good Ship Kill Your Baby" shows up at your port, it has always been Gods people to the rescue.

It is good for us to be reminded of the global nature of this fight, and also the historical context. But the best reminder is that our God is in control and sovereign over all. And in His sovereignty He has placed you and I in this time and this place to continue to fight for the innocents that are being slaughtered. So hold fast brothers and sisters, the battle is ours to fight, and it is the Lords to win!

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pastor tom

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


About 800 people gathered at Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., April 21 for a three-hour memorial service honoring Rachel Hill, who was a member of the church and a graduate of Grove Avenue Christian School. In an e-mail to Baptist Press two days after the shootings, Grove Avenue school administrator Clay Fogler said, "Rachael was an incredible witness for Christ, the love of Christ shone through her to others."

Rachel was one of the victims of the tragic Virginia Tech murders. She, praise God is with the Lord and has been given the reward of her faith. It is interesting and sobering to put all of life through the grid of Gods Word. Particularly when it relates to untimely death. We all have an idea of about when it is that people should leave this earth. We all have an idea of what we think it right or fair, or at least what is to be expected. When events like the one at VT happen, it shakes the foundation of those errant expectations. If we believe the Word of God then we need to understand that for Rachel that fateful day was a day of gain for her. The Bible tells us that to live is Christ and to die is gain. It was a great day for her.

But it was a great day only because she knew Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. If that were not the case it would have been the worst day ever, as it would have been the day her eternal damnation began. People also, tragically believe that there is merit to someones eternal destiny if they die at an age we consider to be too early. You hear it pronounced about teenagers and young people who had no true faith in Christ that anyone was aware of, who sadly die and are pronounced by a well meaning but weak minister to be "with the Lord". That is simply not true. If a young person dies, yes it is an awful thing for all left behind, but it is worse if that young person did not know Christ as his or her own. There is not an age exception given by God.

This is why we need to be diligent about our witness for Christ to all, regardless of age. It is also why we do an eternal disservice placing people in Heaven because they die too early. Praise God that Rachel Hills family can be assured that she is with the Lord and they will see her again. Not because she was gunned down at an early age, but because they share the same faith in Christ. Can that be said of you and your children?

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pastor tom

Monday, April 23, 2007


Well we can all take great joy on this Monday. There is great news that should give everyone great hope that all is going to be well in the world. Sheryl Crow has been spending much of her current tour trying to figure out ways to help the environment. In her own words;
"I have spent the better part of this tour trying to come up with easy ways for us all to become a part of the solution to global warming,"

This as she tours around in her bio-diesel bus. Isn't it good to know that she is on the job? And, low and behold, she has already come up with some ideas. She is already baring fruit in her attempted conquest of this "problem". And here in her own words is one of the fine things that all of this thinking has produced;

"I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting."

Why did we not think of that ingenious idea? Simply limit the amount of toilet paper we use in any one sitting. Now of course this brings up some minor problems, such as, who gets the job to make sure people are complying, but every great plan needs some refining!

The problem with all of this is that it is actually true and Miss Crow actually has followers who will take her serious and follow her direction. (I would be careful shaking hands with them) People will buy into this and believe they are actually doing some good and making a difference, when in fact, all they are doing is feeding the coffers of those who are profiting from them. I think the best thing to do with all of it is to simply, flush it!

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pastor tom

Friday, April 20, 2007


The last two days I have had the pleasure of the stomach flu. While I would not wish this one on anyone there is the silver lining of losing six pounds. While doing nothing, but laying in bed I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of news from the talking head channels. What I heard time and time again, though predictable, was still dismaying. In the midst of the incredible tragedy at Virginia Tech, the anti-gun crowd was out en masse. People have not yet been buried and these bottom feeders were out banging the drum for their misguided agenda. If their timing is not enough to turn every one off to their message then the pure illogical reasoning of it should.

A gun did not kill those people, a man did. A gun is an inanimate object that can do nothing on its own. It is entirely neutral, and will be used according to its operators intent and purpose. A policeman may use it so save a life while a crazed individual may use the very same gun to inflict mass murder. Which takes us to the next point of the availability of guns. If anyone thinks stricter gun laws will prevent crime, they need to only look to Japan that has some of the strictest gun laws. It was only within the last few weeks that its Mayor was gunned down in cold blood. Gun laws only keep law abiding citizens from obtaining them, not the criminal. He or she will get their guns when they want them.

Why is it that we never hear of the stories like the teacher in Mississippi who saved the lives of many school children because he had a gun in his car? Why do we not see the mass publicity on those events? The answer is obvious and redundant, the liberal media is anti-gun. So as you hear about the evil of guns and how they should be banned and taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens, remember who it is that is bringing this message. And also take a look at their incredible lack of compassion and care for the victims and families of this latest tragedy. These poor people are simply the latest pawns being prostituted for the anti-gun lobby. A group that obviously has no shame!

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pastor tom

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As the whole nation is riveted on the tragedy at Virginia Tech, it is interesting to see the comfort that is offered. Particularly at the convocation service held to honor the dead and aid those left behind. One who actually saw the event reported the following summary of who spoke and what they had to offer;

"1st Speaker: A Muslim cleric invoking the name of Allah and quoting the Quran."

"2nd Speaker: A Buddhist Community Leader preaching that mankind is basically 'good.'"

"3rd Speaker: A Female speaker from the Jewish Community quoting Ecclesiastes: 'There is a time for everything.'"

"4th Speaker: A Liberal Lutheran Minister talking about 'healing,' etc. and how everyone needs to come together"

To be fair our President when he spoke did quote the book of Romans and spoke about evil over coming good and the need to pray to God for healing. But reportedly there is a name that was not uttered in this time of proposed healing, Jesus Christ! Allah was represented as was Buddha but not Jesus. The notion of even having a Muslim cleric or a Buddhist leader begs the question of how representative are those leaders to the population of the school? That is for another time, but worth looking into. Maybe the convocation service and what and Who it lacked is the answer to many of the questions people are asking about this tragic event. Maybe we look no further than there to see the glaring problem on our campuses and with our young people today!

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pastor tom

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Does it matter how much a person spends to get his hair cut? Yes and no! No if he is a private citizen who lives his life and earns his keep. That person can get his hair cut and spend as much as he would like. It does matter, in my opinion, if you are a Presidential candidate who is running on a populist message. It does matter if you are known for proclaiming there are two Americas, one for the rich and one for the poor. It does matter if you made it a point to prostitute the suffering of the victims of Katrina for your own Presidential aspirations. In other words, it does matter if you are candidate John Edwards.

In spite of the populist message he would have people believe he believes, his life continues to speak a very different message. I have written before about the mansion he lives in and the lifestyle he keeps, while he chastises those who do the same, but this latest example is maybe the most revealing. It is being reported that candidate Edwards in the last few months has twice spent $400.00 on a haircut. Reportedly this has taken place at a top Beverly Hills men's stylist, Torrenueva Hair Designs. It has also being reported that he frequented two spas in New Hampshire. Again there is nothing wrong with this if you are a simple private citizen. How you spend your money is your business.

But when you are lecturing America and promoting class envy, then you are in a different class. It is fair game to ask about the blatant inconsistency of the message he preaches and the life he lives. While we can all rest easy in the reality that he will not be elected President, or even nominated by his party, we do need to hold him and all who would desire our money for their salary to the fire. While his hair may look good, he might want have his candidacy take a hard look in the mirror. Because that is not looking so good!

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pastor tom

Monday, April 16, 2007


South Carolina State University had a concert last week where it was reported in one song the n-word is used more than 100 times. Yes it was rap and of course it was the double standard on display. The fascinating part is when WIS television news interviewed some students about the disparity between what Don Imus had done and what they seemed to be condoning, here are a couple;

"One student, Kendra Johnson, says, "The radio host was out of line when he said it. Some rap artists may be out of line, but they don't mean no harm."

Student Justin Miller says, "There's always a time and place for everything. With hip hop music that's a certain situation where those remarks can be used, but on public radio station pointed to a particular group it's not proper."

These two students sum up the reality of the hypocrisy of our day. If Imus says it, he is a bad man with bad intentions. If a rap artist says it , "they don't mean no harm." It speaks for itself. The other glaring question is where was the outcry from "Rev" Sharpton and "Rev" Jackson? The N-word over 100 times in one song? You would think that these "heroes" in fight on racism would be all over this. Or might it be that the people using the n-word and degrading women at this concert were the wrong skin color for them to protest?

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pastor tom

Friday, April 13, 2007


Here is some amazing news from the other side of the pond, from the UK wires;

"Women might soon be able to produce sperm in a development that could allow lesbian couples to have their own biological daughters, according to a pioneering study published today. Scientists are seeking ethical permission to produce synthetic sperm cells from a woman's bone marrow tissue after showing that it possible to produce rudimentary sperm cells from male bone-marrow tissue.

Creating sperm from women would mean they would only be able to produce daughters because the Y chromosome of male sperm would still be needed to produce sons. The latest research brings the prospect of female-only conception a step closer.
The latest findings, published in the journal Reproduction: Gamete Biology, show that male bone marrow can be used to make the early "spermatagonial" stem cells that normally mature into fully developed sperm cells"

And here it is, the final frontier, where men are not needed at all. Utopia for all who believe men have outlived their usefulness. We are already at the place where men have become nothing more than sperm donors for lesbian couples to complete their misguided sinful idea of a family. We all already at the place where the owner of the sperm does not matter as long as it is functional and works. Heterosexual couples do not care any longer about the literal actual biological father of a child. As long as they can have children, which our society has deemed to be a right of people and not a gift, particularly if you are a celebrity.

This is the Tower of Babel all over again, except this time the consequence God brings will not be languages being confused. You have to wonder just how much more the Lord will, in His infinite graciousness and wisdom, allow?

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pastor tom

Thursday, April 12, 2007


There is exciting news from the medical world coming from Brazil;

"RIBEIRAO PRETO, Brazil (BP)--In a study that some say should impact the debate over embryonic stem cells, 13 diabetic patients no longer are using insulin after undergoing a procedure where they were infused with their own adult stem cells.

The trial in Brazil involved 15 type 1 diabetes patients of both sexes ranging in age from 14-31, all of whom had been diagnosed with diabetes within the previous six weeks. All but two of them are insulin-free after undergoing a treatment where they intravenously received stem cells from their own blood. In fact, the treatment even worked in one of the latter two patients for a year before a relapse"

While they are hesitant to use the term cure, doctors are very encouraged. This is very timely considering Congress is going to once again take up the embryonic stem cell debate. What is remarkable is the reality that adult stem cells have a much more definable track record of effectiveness without the ethical dilemma. There simply are not results from embryonic stem cells that you see with the adult stem cells. Adult stem cells work, which therefore begs the question, why the push to use embryonic stem cells?

The answer to that question is the same one with global warming, it is a political, financial agenda from the liberal left. They do not let the facts confuse their issues. It does not matter that adult stem cells have the proven track record that embryonic stem cells do not. They have an agenda, they have financial goals that are only reached, and jobs that are only justified, by their keeping the propaganda going.

For those who care about right and wrong it would not matter if embryonic stem cells worked miraculously. You understand that you do not take a life in order to create a better quality of life for someone else. You understand the Nazi like road that leads to. But all people, whether they agree with that or not, should be able to look at this and come to the cognitive conclusion that adult stem cells are the way to go , as they are proven to work. Sadly, there are those who refuse to deal with the truth, as it is far to offensive to the position they have staked out!

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pastor tom

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This from the wires

"WASHINGTON — Former Tennessee Republican Sen. Fred Thompson announced Wednesday he's in remission from lymphoma.

Thompson, who is considering a run for the White House in 2008, told FOX News that the illness is treatable.

"I have had no illness from it, or even any symptoms. My life expectancy should not be affected. I am in remission, and it is very treatable with drugs if treatment is needed in the future — and with no debilitating side effects," Thompson said."

So we have another major player from the political arena dealing with cancer. Elizabeth Edwards the wife of Presidential candidate John Edwards and White House spokesman Tony Snow have both recently announced that their battle with the disease resumes. While Fred Thompson advocates it will not effect him,John Edwards presses on with his campaign, and Tony Snow promises to be back to work in short order, there is a sobering reality to all of this. That reality is that death is real,coming and no respecter of persons. You cannot buy your way out of it, you cannot order it gone and you cannot charm it away. It is a reality that all reading this blog and all walking the face of the Earth today will have to face. Some sooner than others, but we all will face it.

For the believer in Christ though, there is a different reality to death. The Word of God tells us in the book of Philippians that for the believer death is gain. A strange thing to say that begs the question why. Why and how could death be gain? Simply because it takes us to the presence of the Lord. Due to Jesus Christ and His death burial and resurrection for all that are His. It is the power of Christ that takes the sting out of death for followers of Jesus. For all others death will bring great judgment and a forever in Hell where they will feel the fury of Gods wrath for rejecting His Son. But for the one who has received Jesus Christ as the owner of His life and the forgiver of his sins, death will be a great day, a going home celebration.

As we admire the tenacity and courage of people like Fred Thompson, Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow, let us all be mindful of and remember to pray for their faith in Christ of need of it. As only in Jesus Christ can you praise God for and see such a heinous thing like Cancer as a blessing from God that simply takes you home!

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pastor tom

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Don Imus a nationally syndicated radio talk show host has found himself in hot water over racist comments he made recently about the Rutgers ladies basketball team. He has been suspended for two weeks and is feeling the pressure, I am sure of the corporate sponsors as they feel pressure from their constituents. He has been on the air for some thirty years and is an example of how you can take it too far in trying to be funny on the air. I must admit to listening to him from time to time and although I would never defend his comments, they were racist, rude and certainly unacceptable, I also am perplexed by some of the outcry.

Why is it when racist comments are made, the two people who show up the quickest to protest are Jesse Jackson, (remember his "Hymietown" comment) and Al Sharpton of Tywana Brawley fame? If that is not hypocritical enough, after Imus has clearly and frankly, in my opinion, genuinely apologized and even gone on Sharptons radio program, neither Jackson or Sharpton are satisfied. They want his job. While the hypocrisy of their stance is evident there is another thing to be considered here, they claim to be clergy! Would it not be according to their supposed faith to accept an apology and give someone another chance? Would it not be according to their supposed faith to demonstrate what forgiveness looks like? While Jackson and Sharpton hammer away at Imus, these are two questions someone in the media needs to ask them. For it seems to me they "protesteth too much"!

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pastor tom

Monday, April 09, 2007


While grocery shopping with my wife this past weekend I noticed they were selling for a mere .99 green totes that could be used as shopping bags. While I cannot imagine what you would actually put in there, as they are quite small, I also am amazed at the "Green" phenomenon that has hit our shores. Magazines have "Green Issues" where they extol the virtue of those who have been environmentally sensitive in their lifestyles. To be clear, I believe in taking care of the environment in which we live, which means not littering and keeping your area clean. I am all for that, but it is beyond the pale when it means people dictating to others the cars they can drive, the houses they can live in or the shopping bags they use. It is a fad that has been driven by the global warming crowd. The problem with all of this is that it is junk science at best.

Consider global warming, there are as many if not more, scientists who report that it is a fallacy. Global warming created by man is not real and it is a natural cycle the earth goes through. I have written before of the articles in the 1970's where the issues was global cooling. People were preparing to deal with the ice age, today it is global warming. Although I am sure there are well meaning people who truly believe, you do not have to look far to find the hypocrisy in the camp.

God would have us, in the dominion over the earth that is ours, be good stewards, but He would not have us create idols out of His creation. So if you believe it better to use a green tote when you shop, please do, but lets not seek to win people to an environmental movement, lets seek to see them won to Christ. By the way, for you global warming fans, yesterday was the coldest day in recorded history in Charlotte N.C.!

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pastor tom

Friday, April 06, 2007


May you all have a blessed celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this weekend. It is this event that sets Jesus Christ apart from all those who would seek His crown. No one but Christ has left the grave empty and then walked this earth for over a month to be seen in resurrected body. All others have graves that mark their resting place, and to this day those graves hold the remains of the body placed there. But Jesus Christ has not a grave today as He is alive, and that means He is who He said He is, the way the truth the life, the only way to be reconciled with God. For those who believe, praise Him for the faith He has granted you to believe. For those who do not, consider again the reality that is the resurrection, if it really did happen, you are accountable to this Jesus!

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pastor tom

Thursday, April 05, 2007


In an incredible and troubling turn of events the Texas State Senate yesterday had a local imam Yusuf Kavakci open their session in prayer. This is a man who participated in a tribute to the Ayatollah Khomeini. You remember him, he is the one who masterminded the holding of Americans for over 400 days in the late 1970's. He was one of the first modern day terrorists to carry on the long tradition of terrorism against Americans by Islam. Kavacki also has been tied to known radical terrorists and terrorist organizations, but the Texas Senate invited him to pray. You should not be surprised to read this, his prayer from yesterday;

"We will pray by reading from first chapter, opening chapter, Al-Fãtehah, from holy Quran, followed by recitation, traditional way of recitation of text from holy Quran, with an addition.
In the name of god, Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. All praise is for Allah, our lord, the lord of the worlds, the compassionate, the merciful, master of the day of judgments. Oh, god, Allah, you alone we worship, and you alone we call on for help. Oh, Allah, guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not of those who have earned your wrath or of those who have lost the way. Our lord, have mercy on us from yourself and guide us in our efforts, strivings, and works."

I hope you read that critically and carefully. If you did you will note that he says
"Oh, Allah, guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not of those who have earned your wrath or of those who have lost the way," In other words guide us to the straight paths of Islam and not on the path of Jews and Christians, who are seen as those who have earned the wrath of Allah! If a Bible believing Christian ever prayed in such a way there would an outcry, followed by the obligatory lawsuits. But that is for another blog. The critical point today is that we are a nation being invaded by Islam and it seems our leaders are either asleep at the wheel or complicit.

It is not a good thing when local imams are opening up state governmental sessions, as they are clearly taught that the goal is to overthrow governments and establish Sharia Law. They are also taught that they can lie if it advances their causes, so you cannot trust the words that come out of their mouths. Far too many believe this is not true and a far too dramatic way to look at this. Far too many believe that talking and conversation is the way to settle the differences between the philosophy of our nation and Islam. For all of you that believe that I have two words for you,
Neville Chamberlain!

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pastor tom

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


In a sign of things to come there was an emergency management exercise conducted at Burlington Township High School on March 22, 2007. Not a bad thing, getting students prepared for a possible terrorists situation. We all know the world is much different since 9/11/2001. The problem here is the described perpetrators of the terror. The scenario that those in control came up with was is described here from the wires;

"Organizers of the drill said the "Christian" gunmen had gone to the school "seeking justice because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class."

In all of their "wisdom" the organizers came up with a scenario that paints Christians as being some fringe group that produces terror. At last glance the majority of terror in the world was coming from the Muslims, not the Christians. What this reveals is an incredible bias against Christianity. We are not far from the days of Christians being thrown in jail for simply being Christians. What message do the children of these schools receive when the scenario by the so called experts portrays a father concerned for her daughters right to pray as a potential terrorist?

Again at last glance the ones who are violent when offended are not the Christians, it would once again be the Muslims. So why didn't these officials come up with a scenario that had Muslims invading the school to reign terror on it? Fear! Everyone is afraid to offend a Muslim and no one is afraid to attack a believer in Christ. Interesting, since the one that every knee will bow to and every tongue will confess as Lord will not be Mohammad, no, he will be in a forever Hell. The One bowed down to by all will be the Lord Jesus Christ, who should be feared by those who casually mock and attack His followers!

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pastor tom

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Dogs have been called mans best friend. They certainly are a comfort and a joy for many people. There are varying levels of attachment people have to their canine friends. In India a couple in their late 60's lost their dog to death. What they did was hold a party, a feast for their lost loved one, which I am sure most reading this blog will find interesting. But they did not stop there, no, after the feast the husband and wife hung themselves, committing suicide, because of their grief over the dog. This is right, your eyes are not going on you, I wrote they killed themselves over the dog. From the wires;

"The couple described the grief over their pet dog in the suicide note they left on March 29," police inspector V Anantaiah, said."

Here is a tragic but clear picture of the emptiness of life without Christ. This couple just displays the truth that nothing can satisfy our souls on this earth but the Lord. Our most prized possessions are going to rust, fade, and even die. If we live our lives for the material world and do not have that great joy of knowing this world is not our home, we are citizens of heaven, then we too will end in despair. We might not kill ourselves, but we will be dying on the inside every day.

As crazy as it seems that a couple would take their lives over the loss of their dog, it is simply a display of the vanity that is life without the Savior. The only true reason to live today is the Lord Jesus Christ. If He is the owner of your life and the forgiver of your sins, you have a great salvation, a great Father and a tremendous reason to get up and live this day with joy and passion. If you do not have that, then there is no reason to even get out of bed, as today just puts you twenty four hours closer to the eternal Hell that is yours. If that is you today, I would beg you to ask the Lord Jesus Christ, beg Him to forgive your sins and accept you as His own today. Do that and you will never feel the need to end your life because all that you love is gone. In fact you will have a whole new reason to live, for the glory of God!

blog you later, pastor tom