Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As the whole nation is riveted on the tragedy at Virginia Tech, it is interesting to see the comfort that is offered. Particularly at the convocation service held to honor the dead and aid those left behind. One who actually saw the event reported the following summary of who spoke and what they had to offer;

"1st Speaker: A Muslim cleric invoking the name of Allah and quoting the Quran."

"2nd Speaker: A Buddhist Community Leader preaching that mankind is basically 'good.'"

"3rd Speaker: A Female speaker from the Jewish Community quoting Ecclesiastes: 'There is a time for everything.'"

"4th Speaker: A Liberal Lutheran Minister talking about 'healing,' etc. and how everyone needs to come together"

To be fair our President when he spoke did quote the book of Romans and spoke about evil over coming good and the need to pray to God for healing. But reportedly there is a name that was not uttered in this time of proposed healing, Jesus Christ! Allah was represented as was Buddha but not Jesus. The notion of even having a Muslim cleric or a Buddhist leader begs the question of how representative are those leaders to the population of the school? That is for another time, but worth looking into. Maybe the convocation service and what and Who it lacked is the answer to many of the questions people are asking about this tragic event. Maybe we look no further than there to see the glaring problem on our campuses and with our young people today!

blog you later,
pastor tom