Monday, April 09, 2007


While grocery shopping with my wife this past weekend I noticed they were selling for a mere .99 green totes that could be used as shopping bags. While I cannot imagine what you would actually put in there, as they are quite small, I also am amazed at the "Green" phenomenon that has hit our shores. Magazines have "Green Issues" where they extol the virtue of those who have been environmentally sensitive in their lifestyles. To be clear, I believe in taking care of the environment in which we live, which means not littering and keeping your area clean. I am all for that, but it is beyond the pale when it means people dictating to others the cars they can drive, the houses they can live in or the shopping bags they use. It is a fad that has been driven by the global warming crowd. The problem with all of this is that it is junk science at best.

Consider global warming, there are as many if not more, scientists who report that it is a fallacy. Global warming created by man is not real and it is a natural cycle the earth goes through. I have written before of the articles in the 1970's where the issues was global cooling. People were preparing to deal with the ice age, today it is global warming. Although I am sure there are well meaning people who truly believe, you do not have to look far to find the hypocrisy in the camp.

God would have us, in the dominion over the earth that is ours, be good stewards, but He would not have us create idols out of His creation. So if you believe it better to use a green tote when you shop, please do, but lets not seek to win people to an environmental movement, lets seek to see them won to Christ. By the way, for you global warming fans, yesterday was the coldest day in recorded history in Charlotte N.C.!

blog you later,
pastor tom