Monday, April 16, 2007


South Carolina State University had a concert last week where it was reported in one song the n-word is used more than 100 times. Yes it was rap and of course it was the double standard on display. The fascinating part is when WIS television news interviewed some students about the disparity between what Don Imus had done and what they seemed to be condoning, here are a couple;

"One student, Kendra Johnson, says, "The radio host was out of line when he said it. Some rap artists may be out of line, but they don't mean no harm."

Student Justin Miller says, "There's always a time and place for everything. With hip hop music that's a certain situation where those remarks can be used, but on public radio station pointed to a particular group it's not proper."

These two students sum up the reality of the hypocrisy of our day. If Imus says it, he is a bad man with bad intentions. If a rap artist says it , "they don't mean no harm." It speaks for itself. The other glaring question is where was the outcry from "Rev" Sharpton and "Rev" Jackson? The N-word over 100 times in one song? You would think that these "heroes" in fight on racism would be all over this. Or might it be that the people using the n-word and degrading women at this concert were the wrong skin color for them to protest?

blog you later,
pastor tom