Friday, April 20, 2007


The last two days I have had the pleasure of the stomach flu. While I would not wish this one on anyone there is the silver lining of losing six pounds. While doing nothing, but laying in bed I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of news from the talking head channels. What I heard time and time again, though predictable, was still dismaying. In the midst of the incredible tragedy at Virginia Tech, the anti-gun crowd was out en masse. People have not yet been buried and these bottom feeders were out banging the drum for their misguided agenda. If their timing is not enough to turn every one off to their message then the pure illogical reasoning of it should.

A gun did not kill those people, a man did. A gun is an inanimate object that can do nothing on its own. It is entirely neutral, and will be used according to its operators intent and purpose. A policeman may use it so save a life while a crazed individual may use the very same gun to inflict mass murder. Which takes us to the next point of the availability of guns. If anyone thinks stricter gun laws will prevent crime, they need to only look to Japan that has some of the strictest gun laws. It was only within the last few weeks that its Mayor was gunned down in cold blood. Gun laws only keep law abiding citizens from obtaining them, not the criminal. He or she will get their guns when they want them.

Why is it that we never hear of the stories like the teacher in Mississippi who saved the lives of many school children because he had a gun in his car? Why do we not see the mass publicity on those events? The answer is obvious and redundant, the liberal media is anti-gun. So as you hear about the evil of guns and how they should be banned and taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens, remember who it is that is bringing this message. And also take a look at their incredible lack of compassion and care for the victims and families of this latest tragedy. These poor people are simply the latest pawns being prostituted for the anti-gun lobby. A group that obviously has no shame!

blog you later,
pastor tom