Thursday, April 12, 2007


There is exciting news from the medical world coming from Brazil;

"RIBEIRAO PRETO, Brazil (BP)--In a study that some say should impact the debate over embryonic stem cells, 13 diabetic patients no longer are using insulin after undergoing a procedure where they were infused with their own adult stem cells.

The trial in Brazil involved 15 type 1 diabetes patients of both sexes ranging in age from 14-31, all of whom had been diagnosed with diabetes within the previous six weeks. All but two of them are insulin-free after undergoing a treatment where they intravenously received stem cells from their own blood. In fact, the treatment even worked in one of the latter two patients for a year before a relapse"

While they are hesitant to use the term cure, doctors are very encouraged. This is very timely considering Congress is going to once again take up the embryonic stem cell debate. What is remarkable is the reality that adult stem cells have a much more definable track record of effectiveness without the ethical dilemma. There simply are not results from embryonic stem cells that you see with the adult stem cells. Adult stem cells work, which therefore begs the question, why the push to use embryonic stem cells?

The answer to that question is the same one with global warming, it is a political, financial agenda from the liberal left. They do not let the facts confuse their issues. It does not matter that adult stem cells have the proven track record that embryonic stem cells do not. They have an agenda, they have financial goals that are only reached, and jobs that are only justified, by their keeping the propaganda going.

For those who care about right and wrong it would not matter if embryonic stem cells worked miraculously. You understand that you do not take a life in order to create a better quality of life for someone else. You understand the Nazi like road that leads to. But all people, whether they agree with that or not, should be able to look at this and come to the cognitive conclusion that adult stem cells are the way to go , as they are proven to work. Sadly, there are those who refuse to deal with the truth, as it is far to offensive to the position they have staked out!

blog you later,
pastor tom