Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Does it matter how much a person spends to get his hair cut? Yes and no! No if he is a private citizen who lives his life and earns his keep. That person can get his hair cut and spend as much as he would like. It does matter, in my opinion, if you are a Presidential candidate who is running on a populist message. It does matter if you are known for proclaiming there are two Americas, one for the rich and one for the poor. It does matter if you made it a point to prostitute the suffering of the victims of Katrina for your own Presidential aspirations. In other words, it does matter if you are candidate John Edwards.

In spite of the populist message he would have people believe he believes, his life continues to speak a very different message. I have written before about the mansion he lives in and the lifestyle he keeps, while he chastises those who do the same, but this latest example is maybe the most revealing. It is being reported that candidate Edwards in the last few months has twice spent $400.00 on a haircut. Reportedly this has taken place at a top Beverly Hills men's stylist, Torrenueva Hair Designs. It has also being reported that he frequented two spas in New Hampshire. Again there is nothing wrong with this if you are a simple private citizen. How you spend your money is your business.

But when you are lecturing America and promoting class envy, then you are in a different class. It is fair game to ask about the blatant inconsistency of the message he preaches and the life he lives. While we can all rest easy in the reality that he will not be elected President, or even nominated by his party, we do need to hold him and all who would desire our money for their salary to the fire. While his hair may look good, he might want have his candidacy take a hard look in the mirror. Because that is not looking so good!

blog you later,
pastor tom